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Token Lists

Branding, UI Design | 2020

The client:

Token Lists is a community-led initiative launched by Uniswap, a decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on Ethereum. Token Lists allows individuals and organizations to create and discover ERC20 token lists in an effort to improve inclusivity, reputability, and transparency.

The ask:

Uniswap asked me to create a logo and minimalist visual design for the Token Lists site that reflected collection, curation, multiples, and tokens without being visually overpowering. Aside from the logo, they wanted the site to feel relatively brand-agnostic so not to conflict with the community-oriented ethos.

The result:

After exploring various motifs, the logo I landed on made the letter “L” out of circles, suggesting a collection of tokens nested in a stack of cards to evoke a collection of lists. I incorporated a gradient as a more abstract visual of something containing multitudes, as a list does.


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