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Student Visa Review

UI Design | 2021

The client:

The Student Visa Review: International Architecture Students in Confinement was commissioned by the RISD Department of Architecture in collaboration with The Canadien Centre for Architecture (CCA). You can read CCA's announcement here.

The ask:

RISD commissioned a web-based, interactive audio exhibition to showcase recorded interviews conducted by international students at RISD who have been studying remotely since COVID-19. Eight students acted as "Bureau Chiefs" from their home cities all over the world, and the interviews are contemplative, candid accounts of adapting to remote learning and the nuances of their experiences as international students during COVID-19.

The result:

Using metaphors of transit - leaving and returning - my collaborators and I designed a meditative and exploratory landscape that listeners can traverse. Conversations between students and their friends, families, and peers are accompanied by ambient sounds of an airport as they move across time zones and changing skies.


Myself, Lucy Siyao Liu, and Dan Taeyoung as Surplus+



All the Bureau Chiefs at their home "station"

Clusters of interviews conducted by a single Bureau Chief

Audio index