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CKM Analytix

Branding, UI Design, Design System | 2019 - 2020


The client:

CKM Analytix is a small data analytics company that uses real-time operational data to improve business performance for their clients.

The ask:

CKM was founded in 2011, but never had a design system, so every team either reinvented the wheel with their deliverables or delivered unstyled content. As CKM began undergoing their transition from a consultancy (CKM Advisors) to a product company (CKM Analytix), the need for a design system — and a revamped website — became glaring.

The result:

When I started building CKM's design system, I was working there as a full-time recruiter. In true start-up fashion, CKM's design system began as a “side project” between me and a developer who championed my promotion to full-time UI design.

We used Brad Frost's Style Guide template to create an interactive codebase that I styled and documented. For CKM's new website, I used open source Figma templates and a modular library of illustrations from Growww Kit to ship the prototype, including a full rewrite of old website copy — in two weeks.


Myself - UI/UX Designer
Product Manager
6-8 Full-stack Developers
8-10 Data Scientists